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    Looks like 4th July for England, 13th in Wales and the 15th in Scotland.
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    Thank you download successfully made, excellent service.
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    We're more about the touring variety on here. However, like anything else, condition is king. Follow your nose for the smell of damp, if you smell any then follow it right out of there!
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    My Coachman Pastiche has one of these things fitted. It provides a 12v power source and a separate 12v battery charging facility. Or rather it doesn't! The unit has completely failed. There's no 12v output and my (new) leisure battery is completely flat. I've got it hooked up to a proper charger now, hoping it will recover. I'm contemplating fitting a smart charging solution to the Pastiche as I did with the Compass. I have a fairly meagre 12v requirement now after fitting LED bulbs. This should be easily catered for by the battery, provided it is charged correctly. Reading the other forums the BCA chargers have a bad reputation for constant failures. I'm taking the caravan back to the dealers tomorrow, I'll see what he says.
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    My charger on my 520 failed in exactly the same way. In fact it was this post that prompted me to sign up! So thanks for that Ted. I connected the two blocks together in the consumer unit and hard wired a 15 amp car charger to the leasure battery. I've changed some of my frequently used bulbs for LED replacements. My battery has been fine. So thanks again.
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    Bad news that Ted, I suppose you're lucky to get a new one. That's very dear though!
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    Oh that's a pane Ted, get it No really that's nasty and so unnecessary too.
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    A strange first post but along anyway! It certainly seems to be a lottery, purchasing any leisure vehicle. The build quality often doesn't match expectations given the purchase price. However, notwithstanding the seriousness of your reported defects. You don't seem to have done too badly, given some peoples experiences that I've heard about. It should be noted that your contract is with the dealer you purchased from. Any remedy for defective goods should be sought from them. The manufacturers warranty is only used by the dealer as an excuse to avoid their own legal obligations. The relevant consumer legislation, in your case for a item purchased in 2014, is the old Sale of Goods Act. This is likely to provide a degree of protection for as long as six years after purchase. It would be a reasonable expectation, that the higher the purchase price then the higher the implied expectation of quality. You may wish to seek independent legal advice, if you feel strongly enough about your issues. Topic moved to "Caravans" section.
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    I had a swift many years ago and suffered something similar. Being way to mean to pay anyone to look at it I managed to get to the fridge burner via one of the outside vents. I found it had all clogged up and rusted a little to the point that the gas simply wasn't burning properly. All I did was clean it all up and it worked like new. I felt happy to do this myself as a competent diy person as all I was doing was simply cleaning something and not dismantling. Worth a try☺.
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    Wow thats brite! Looks good to!
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    Were going to get away this month if we can! Most of the big sites are shut and I just cant get the booking thing to work with the caravan club!
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    Love using the van in the winter. Sites are quieter, cheaper if you avoid Christmas and it just has that lovelly cosy feeling once the van has warmed up. Even when it is raining its great just sorting there reading the paper's, warm & dry listening to the rain. Spent last week of Dec in Minehead and it was so pleasant.
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    Said with tongue in cheek - don't listen to advice and just do it. As long as you cover the basics like nose weights, max tow weights, etc. then my advice (sic) is just do it and learn what works for you. Its actually all part of the fun and helps make it an adventure. Just a word of warning of you take this approach - make sure the rest of the family feel the same way.
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    This looks like a really good idea, mine's been ok but I really like the idea of a smart charger.
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    Wow looks a lot more complicated than my old leda!
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    TURN OFF YOUR MAINS AND DISCONNECT YOUR CARAVAN BATTERY! I've managed to get around to uploading some pictures from replacing my BCA Charging Unit. Here's the replacement 20 Amp Dual Stage Unit. And out of the box... A view of the main PCB of the consumer unit. Here the BCA unit has been removed and the connectors for it are just joined together. Do this if your unit ever fails and you need 12v in your 'van. You can leave them like that and hard wire a car charger directly to the battery, if you prefer. You can also see the wires for the 4-gang socket, going into the left hand MCB, where the original kettle lead for the BCA charger went to. A view showing the new BCA unit mounted externally. (Note the cable tie holding the kettle lead in place, as these are prone to falling out). Also, the wiring extension for the connection plugs exiting from the small hole (above the kettle plug). A final picture showing the switched, surge protected, 4-gang socket, that I've screwed to the back wall of the consumer unit box. (You can see the wiring for this in picture 3 above, it just replaces the original kettle lead from the BCA unit). The new BCA unit and my Maypole smart charger plug in here. I can switch them on or off as needed now. So the big 20 Amp BCA unit powers everything and charges the battery when on site. The Maypole smart charger keeps the battery tip top when in storage. One of the best things you can do is change your halogen bulbs for LED's. I used to hear the fan on the old BCA unit howling away if you switched on a couple. I never hear it at all now.
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    I know it's not normal to say how great they are but travelling back down the M6 on Tuesday I had the nearside lane to myself for mile after mile. The other 2 were nose to tail. I only tow at 55 and this was enough to not need to overtake anything this making the journey very easy.
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    Just spent 2 night's here. Fairly typical caravan club, very tidy. At this time of year the site was empty but still quite expensive for what you get. Great site for the town as it's only a 10 min walk to all it has to offer.
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    I didn't need to take the caravan to the dealers in the end. I just told him what had failed and he's ordered me another one. It seems he's quite familiar with this! Not that I'll be fitting it the same way! I've wired in an individually switched 4 gang socket in place of the kettle lead for the BCA charger. This is secured to the back of the board that the consumer unit is mounted to. The new BCA charger now has a 13 amp plug fitted to the original kettle lead and this plugs into one of the outlets from the new 4-gang . Now I can switch it on or off as I want. It supplies 12v to the onboard systems and charges the battery when on-site then I switch it off when I put the 'van in storage. The new BCA unit is also mounted on the backboard of the consumer unit as it gets far better airflow here. I've connected a smart charger directly to the battery and this also plugs into one of the outlets from the new 4 gang socket. This can be used when the van is in storage to keep the battery tip top. Much more preferable than having the big 20A BCA unit powered up continuously! It's turned out to be quite a neat solution and I'm sure I'll get better performance (and life) from my leisure battery and maybe the BCA charger! My wifi router plugs into one of the spare sockets too. Plus I have another socket for future upgrades!
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    2-5 FEBRUARY 2017 http://www.caravanshowscotland.com/ SECC, Exhibition Way, Glasgow, G3 8YW
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    I left my ZIG charger connected but removed the fuse. I just plug my charger into one of the sockets. Works for me!
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    I did almost the same thing with my caravan! I went through several batteries, thinking they where cheap ones until I found the charger was cooking them up. Thanks for the post as it helps me know I'm not the only one.
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