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Nearly lost my Truma Flue Vent Cap!

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I can't fathom out how this could have happened...


Anyway, the wind-up vent on my Omnivent was really snaggy. So I clambered up onto the roof to put silicone grease on its slider and gear mechanisms. Whilst I was up there, I noticed the vent cap was missing from the Truma fire outlet.


Looking around the roof, I spotted it (incredibly) lying upside down in the middle of the caravan behind the front Heki rooflight!


Now, the thing was attached when I brought the 'van home from the dealers. It was attached during my subsequent holiday (from looking at pictures I'd taken) but had come detached between me being on-site and getting home again.


The vent screws onto the flue outlet and shouldn't really come undone on its own?


Anyway, I've glued it on now with some flexible glue stuff!


Weird or what?


This is the thing I mean, pictured to the left of my tv aerial.




Anyone else had anything similar? We did have some really strong winds whilst we were away. So maybe it blew off during the gale? Or was it some pathetically feeble light-fingered attempt?

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