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Tibbie Shiels Inn - St Mary's Loch

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Set between two lochs in a remote rural setting, this traditional Scottish inn is 0.2 miles off the A708 road and 3.2 miles from Berrybush Forest.

Address: St. Marys Loch, Selkirk TD7 5LH


A small campsite set on the edge of a stunning loch.

There's just a field with very basic facilities. There are two EHU's available and this costs an extra £5 per night.


There is a toilet block on site but you wouldn't want to use it, or indeed go anywhere near it as it was absolutely disgusting!


The Inn itself is shut, so there's no food or drinks available.


The site owner, inexplicably, allows a flock of sheep to graze the campsite! Not only that but they were all Tups (Rams).Of course they spread their droppings everywhere making walking very hazardous. I had to go and borrow a shovel so I could clear a spot to pitch up. I've never seen anything like it in my life! Not only that but they like to scratch their backsides on anything they fancy. Your car, caravan, aquaroll, anything. They nearly had some poor chaps motorbike over!




I went early in July and the Midges were a sight to behold. I opened my caravan door one morning and thought it was misty, it wasn't, it was dense clouds of midges! You couldn't venture outside without serious protection or you'd be eaten alive. You couldn't open a window or a roof vent as they scoff at flyscreens and fly straight through them! I've never seen them that bad here before, another benefit of the sheep I expect.


The site owner really needs to get a grip and decide just what he's doing with the place. It used to be really good here but as it is, it should be closed as a health risk!







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