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Adjusted my motor movers rollers.

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Had my 'van crabbing to one side when using the "motor mover". It's done it since I bought it. I'd just put up with it, forwards a bit, left a bit, forwards a bit.....etc.


Anyway, I decided to investigate.

A trip to the Powertouch website sourced the instruction manual and the instructions for setting the roller to tyre gap. Armed with this info I discovered the gaps between the rollers and tyres (from my CLASSIC model) should be 20mm when the mover is disengaged (other models have different gap requirements).


On measuring, I found mine were 25mm on one side and 35mm on the other! That probably gives me a clue to cause of the "crabbing".


Adjusting the gap is an easy enough process, you just need a 20mm batten of wood (to measure the gap, get the right size for your model), a 17mm spanner for the "stop block" and a 17mm socket ratchet for the U-bolts.

Grub-screws are only fitted to certain models. My "CLASSIC" doesn't have them.




The hardest bit was getting myself under the caravan to do the work!


Personally, I found the best method was to release both sides at the same time. Insert two lengths of batten (one for each wheel) and slide the whole apparatus up against them. This ensures that they are both set the same distance from the tyres and no twisting is introduced.


It runs straight and true now. :)


I've copied the instructions into the sites downloads section.

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It was funny to see someone virtually copy this post word for word and put it on another caravan forum, as though they'd done it! :D


You know who you are, you sad, sad man.

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Hmm, so the plot thickens with this issue!


I've used it a couple of times, since adjusting it, and the bloomin' thing has moved again! The roller gap for the offside motor has increased despite being torqued to spec.


Clearly, the stop-block isn't up to the job of securing the position of the roller. Perhaps that's why they introduced the, additional, grub-screws for the evolution model?


My "Top clamp plate" has the threaded holes in it to provision the fitting of grub screws. Looking in the Powertouch online shop, they are not available as a spare part for my classic. However, they are for the Evolution at a price of £2 each. So £8 + £2.50 p&p. So I've ordered a set.


I'll post back with progress.

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Seems steady enough now with the added grub screws. I used the mover a fair amount, pitching up, on-site today and it performed perfectly.


I fitted the screws with a good dollop of ceramic grease to stop them seizing up.


You need an 8 mm Allen Key for the grub screws, in addition to the other tools mentioned in the first post of this thread.


Whilst you are under the 'van. Get a 10 mm socket and remove the cover over the movers gear-box. It's a rectangular cover on the inside of each motor secured by two 10 mm bolts. Remove the cover, clean it and ensure the gasket fits all around the outside and is in good condition. 

Apply a liberal amount of general purpose grease to the three gear-box cogs and refit the cover.

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