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Selling a static

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We’re thinking of selling a static caravan and we’ve been informed by other owners that we have to pay the site owner £2,000 plus VAT when we do (or 20% if higher than £10,000)

Other caravan owners on the site have all signed this document to agree but we were never shown it or signed anything to that affect. 
does this mean we still have to pay it?

thanks for any help at all!

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first option is to take all the paper work you  have to a solicitor and get them to see where you stand.


second option is to give the caravan to a "friend for free" and do an exchange of goods where you sel them a settee and pot plant for £20k, which of course is seperate to the caravan. lol


joking apart, i would expect that somewhere some how your liable for the payment, statics are able to be a great con for the owner and money maker for the site managers

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Many thanks! Might be easier just to pay it but Not happy that we weren’t aware of this!

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i would expect that to be the case for most people.

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